The story unfolds with plenty of twists and turns: love, betrayal, disappointment, misunderstandings, births and deaths, creating a novel peopled with believable and vital characters whose footsteps the reader eagerly follows. Congratulations to author, Julia Herdman. I look forward to reading the next volume!

Annabel from Malta

Sinclair by Julia Herdman

Sinclair is an ambitious young surgeon prepared to give up everything to make his fortune with the East India Company. He is estranged from his father and his family in Edinburgh for his views on religion and his drinking but his real problem is love.

The story follows the lives of three very different families connected to and Apothecary shop in Tooley Street.

This cracking Georgian era romance is set against the corruption of the East India Company and the nepotism of the late eighteenth century medical profession. It has a cast of strong female characters who will imprint themselves onto your heart forever.

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Sinclair_Cover Julia Herdman